Lamidi fakaye 

He was born in 1928 in ila Oranhun Nigeria.He first carved a sculpture in 1938 at which point he became an apprentice to his father in 1949 he began to be an apprentice with the master sculptor George Bamidele Arowoogun 

In 1995he went to work at holycross primary school in Lagos Nigeria as an art instructor his first solo exhibition  was in 1962 he was named the artist in residence at western Michigan in 1964 he was elected President of the society of professional artist of Nigeria the same year that his exhibit opened at the united States information service in Nigeria

Fajaye died on December 25 2009 in Ile-ife Nigeria his death was due to complications following prostate-cancer sugery

The son of Batman

It all started with Damien and his mother in a place for training assassins Damien’s grandfather was watching them train until the training ground was attacked by bubu and his men after the killing of several assassins Damien his mother his grandfather and all the assassins started to fight back but Damien’s grandfather had a feeling that he was alone people attacked him but he killed them all but he still had that feeling that he was being watch he walked around and entered an empty hallway and there he saw his former student death stroke who betrayed him they both fought but Damien’s grandfather won but death stroke set a bomb and death stroke escaped the blast but Damien’s grandfather could not escape and his body caught on fire he tried to go to a pool which has the power heal anybody it was known as the lazarus pit but he died before he could enter Damien tried to carry him in but his mother told him that the body was to damaged for the Lazarus pit heal  

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